September 4th, 2007

Я шериф и ковбой

Your first lesson about human rights

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Like a simple idea?

Whether not so, the dear reader. Not less than five thousand years people repeat it. The same and with other common truths – no kill, no steal, esteem mother and the father, seniors, do not steal … About these immemorial rules of behaviour spoke at the first open lesson under human rights authorized on the rights the person of the Moscow area of Nikitin Natalia Vladimirovna. Spoke, naturally, in secular interpretation which does not contradict, and supplements and expands religious installations. This original employment-conversation has passed in characteristic for last time to the form of dialogue-conversation in 10-th And a class of Pushkin high school №8. N.V.Nikitin the excellent propagandist and the propagandist, as though we have told earlier, has constructed conversation with fifteenths schoolboys 
on bright and, probably, convincing examples for this age. - together with the regional representative under human rights A.E. Zarov we recently have visited a colony for teenagers near Mozhaisk. - on reception one pupil has complained, that it beat both tutors and pupils. - and for what? - And I do not wish to clean a court yard and a room where we live. Alexander Evgenevich with pedagogical keenness inherent in it did not begin to reprimand and morals – a pier who will clean, whether the cleaner that to you to invite? It has turned conversation in other channel: - For what you sit here, baby
? - 
Because murder. Have fought, and I kicked with legs, and it has then appeared that it is dead. - tell, and when you beat to you painfully? - certainly. - Well, here, and when you beat that you understood, what to that guy too it is sick …? Natalia Vladimirovna told, and eyes of children have been widely opened for horror and was felt, that this tragedy of their contempopary deeply touches, and hardly who or from them will want to be in a similar situation in the future. During easy conversation Natalia Vladimirovna has told to pupils about history of the Declaration of human rights. That after the second world war a world civilization was horror up to to

what meanness whole people can reach not only people, but also. That is why in 1949 by the United Nations Organization the Declaration of the human rights which have proclaimed the main principles – the right to a life, the right of creed, the right to work also has been accepted. Educational work with children, especially here such uniors-youthful age, when yesterday the child, today junior, tomorrow the girl and the young man – a special kind of activity. Which does not substitute other forms of spiritual education, and supplements and fills with concrete active actions. That is why present here the representative of administration of area on educational work among teenagers and youthes Natalia Alekseevna Stolyarova has resulted figure – 8 thousand references from the beginning of year about unsuccessful conditions in families. Either drunkenness, or the father beats mother, or beat the child.  Parafrised L.N.Tolstogo can be told, that in each family and happiness especial, and the trouble frequently too is unique, not similar on any another. And glory, that in this class children as approved the class teacher from quite safe families have stolen up. But, not less valuably, that all that helpful information which was received by these children-teenagers-young men-girls, becomes, I am assured of it, accessible and more to the broad audience of youth. In fact they communicate and hardly someone from these children, having learned about a trouble at friends on a school desk, or on a court yard - will not advise and address как-you the friend, to Natalia Alekseevne in Municipality on phone at it 53 28 770. For this purpose at the open lesson samples of evident propaganda, a leaflet with the instruction of telephone hotlines and addresses have been shown. Business not hard bureaucracised is visible, that, and alive and is turned directly to the person. N.А, Stoliarova has resulted some the examples from concrete practice of work. At one boy parents have died, it has remained one with the grandmother. For an apartment to pay there was nobody, the duty in 30 thousand has collected. It was possible to it н

At one boy parents have died, it has remained one with the grandmother. For an apartment to pay there was nobody, the duty in 30 thousand has collected. It managed to find the sponsor who has offered on kind business of money and the fellow have helped out of trouble. One more teenager managed to be performed very complex operation, too the account of donations. Is, is, there are goodhearted people in the ground Pushkin. Which not only churches restore, but also near help, especially if this near child defenceless.


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